Coffee Table Books

Extraordinarily rewarding, coffee table books are filled with precious memories.

Wedding Coffee Table Books

Your Wedding day is the continuation of a beautiful relationship, the meeting of two hearts, the celebration of a lifelong friendship and the delight of love. Pure and simple… Capture the energy, prayers, spoken and unspoken words, and the love of friends and family in the pages of your book. Capture your journey from the time you met up to your wedding day. We will help you write your story and will then combine it with all your beautiful photos.

Epic Journeys

The journey doesn’t end when you drop your backpack at the door and shuffle out your shoes. Relive that magic, adrenaline, and excitement every time you turn a page.

Business Profiles

Present your business in a colorful, professional and completely unique manner. Create a  book that captures your business perfectly, a book that entices new customers and retains old customers. Use a coffee table book to accompany your proposal, support your other communication material at shows and expos and celebrate your successes.


Families are incredibly special… and somewhat complicated at the same time. Capture holidays, school years, hobbies, recipes, adventures, journeys, friends, pets, special birthdays and celebrations in the pages of beautiful books…and watch the collection grow!



“This book captures a remarkable journey to a place of sun, sand, aromatic spices, magical people and extraordinary beauty. A place of many happy returns and idyllic memories. A place where work and play became home in a very short space of time.” Alta van Vuuren

(Photo Alta van Vuuren)

The Colours of my Life

“This book captures the images of my life in front of the lens and behind it. It focuses on the here and the now, whilst glimpsing back at all the life changing and colourful events that have taken place in my life.” Jan Wilkens – Leadwood Lodge, Timbavati

(Photo Jan Wilkens)


Photos capture a moment in time…Stories capture a lifetime of moments.

Your wedding day is the continuation of a beautiful relationship, the meeting of two hearts, the celebration of a lifelong friendship and the delight of love.
Pure and simple… Coffee Table books capture the journey, pen the memories and add untold value to one of the most important moments in your life.

Epic Journeys

Don’t just do it…write about it!

Your thoughts, conversations, prayers, internal struggle, heartfelt connections, discoveries, history, wide open spaces, contemplation, successes, satisfaction, frustrations…

Journal • Capture • Share.